5 Famous Spiritual Destinations in Uttarakhand

Uttarakhand or popularly known as ‘Devbhoomi’, is home to some of the most spiritual centres in India. If you are looking for a holiday filled with immense spiritualism and upliftment then this land of God embraces you with unparalleled tranquility coupled with scenic beauty. Known for being the focal point of age old cultures, well preserved heritage and never to be forgotten traditions India is a mixed bag of enriching experiences and revelations. People from far and wide visit this pandora box of culture and religion with an aim of gaining their share of enlightenment. Situated on the lap of mighty, snow capped, stark Himalayas amidst the lush greenery and against the glorious backdrop of the mountains, Uttarakhand represent the melting pot of cultures and religions which makes up the colorful land of India.

If you are planning a trip to Uttarakhand on the lookout of enlightenment then the following places should not be missed out on:

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Known as the ‘gateway to Lord Vishnu’, Haridwar remains thronged with pilgrims and devotees throughout, the year. Making its way through the holy city is the holy River Ganga where the grand Ganga aarti takes place every evening. The entire city is dotted with numerous ancient temples which tells the stories of the bygone era which include Mansa devi mandir, Bharat mata mandir, Maya devi mandir and Chandi devi mandir. The atmosphere here remains doused in immense spirituality and a feeling of deep rejuvenation.

Best time to visit – February – March / August – October


Set atop a height of 3,584 metres above sea level and known for being the abode of Lord Shiva, Kedarnath dham is one of the prime centres of pilgrimages in India. The sacred site containing a unique black stone shivling is also one of the prime chota char dham locations which can be reached by availing one of the several char dham yatra packages. The pilgrims cover this spiritual destination as a part of their journey towards attaining their moksha. This temple is set against the majestic backdrop of the stark Nar Narayan mountain range giving the visitors a breathtaking view to behold. Millions of pilgrims flock together at this temple during the open season to offer their prayer.

Best time to visit – May – June


This ‘Kashi of the North’, is a quaint hamlet tucked away among the breathtaking green wonderland of the hills. Drenched in a deep sense of divinity Uttarkashi offers its yatris an opportunity to experience a sense of unparalleled spirituality. Replete with temples like Kashi Vishwanath and Kuteti devi mandir which holds extreme relevance in Hindu culture, Uttarkashi is also known for its mesemrising beauty and unmatched spirituality. This hub of deep divinity is known for its exhilarating combination of spirituality and untouched natural beauty.

Best time to visit – March – June


This quiet hamlet which is also known as the ‘abode of gods’, Chamoli is blessed with an unexplainable beauty and strong spirituality. The entire village is dotted with numerous temples and Hindu shrines which holds immense importance. Complete with panoramic vistas and scenic beauty the entire hill village is a great opportunity for anyone seeking for a deep spiritual experience. Along with the mythical importance, Chamoli is also home to numerous pilgrimage destinations like, Badrinath, Hemkund Sahib and the ravishing UNESCO world heritage site of Valley of Flowers. Walk the path of some of the greatest explorers, seekers and peace lovers.

Best time to visit – October – March


Sitting atop the Kumaon Hills at a height of 2,286 metres above sea level, Mukteshwar is home to a legendary 350 year old Lord Shiva mandir, giving it a name of Mukteshwar dham. Apart from being one of the prime centres of pilgrimage in Uttarakhand Mukteshwar is also a centre for numerous adventure sports activities. Crowned by the snow white Himalayan range and dotted with varied shades of green, just a visit to this exhilarating town will fill you with a deep sense of spiritualism. Due to its whimsical location and a deeply meditative setting of coniferous trees and fruit orchards every visitor will find their inner peace and benefit from their visit to this town of immense spirituality.

Best time to visit – March – June

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