Best Things to Do in Cancun for Couples

1.      Relax at a Beach Resort at Isla Mejeres

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Enjoy a secluded place away from the hustle and bustle of Cancun. Isla Mujeres is one of Cancun top attractions. Isla Mejeres means the Island of Women, which is located in the Mexican Caribbean Sea. How to reach the gorgeous land? The photogenic landscape sits at 13 km (8 miles) off of the eastern coast of the Yucatan Peninsula, near Cancún. There are many resorts to live in. Apart from the world-class hospitality, the resort experience also includes swimming, snorkeling and a range of water sports.

2.      Enjoy Mouth-watering food at Hidalgo Street

Savor on mouth-watering foods at Hidalgo Street. The place stays crowded, but you will find your private options at Playa Norte. In a relaxing atmosphere, enjoy the best food including exquisite lobster dinner, fresh fish, Tik-n-chik, which is a signature dish of the island, pizza, besides others. Waling on the street, try corn and tamales the have the local tastes.

3.      Relax on Beach Beds under Umbrellas

Hotel Chichis and Charlies has got comfortable rooms with sea view, suites with balcony and a host of modern amenities to serve you, but the best option is to relax on beach beds and experience everything that nature has to offer – sunlight, sandy beaches, turquoise water, breeze, and much more. Enjoy the sunset with your favorite drinks. What if you are not staying with the hotel? No worries. Rent chairs and umbrellas. Food and beverage service available for the beach beds.

4.      Take an Aqua Tour

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Propose her or re-kindle the spark in your relationship on your tour through the Caribbean Sea. Rent a catamaran or navigate your speedboat over the Nichupte Lagoon – the choice is yours. Hold each other firmly while on the romantic trip. There is one more choice if you don’t want to challenge the waves. Board a Spanish galleon or ship. Savor on a cheese platter and cold meats, take your favorite beverage and enjoy the live sax music.

5.      Experience the Hidden Worlds Cenotes

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Like god, love has to be omnipresent. Fall in love underground at Cenote Adventure Park in the Yucatan Peninsula. Centoes are water-filled caves formed under the earth crust due to the collapse of the calcified layers. Experience splash landing, zipline landing, snorkeling, and much more. The popular park has been choreographed in the award-winning 2007 BBC Planet Earth television series and several movies including Journey Into Amazing Caves.

How to Reach Cancun, Mexico

The city is served by Cancun International Airport (CUN), which is connected with all popular airports or cities in the US by nonstop as well as connecting flights. There are low-cost carriers like Southwest Airlines, EasyJet and Virgin America to help you find cheap flights to Cancun. Hope you found the things to do in Cancun worth getting a try on your visit to Cancun. Already have been to the place? Comment your experience, do’s and don’ts to help fellow travelers have the best Cancun vacation.

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