Detailed Bangkok Travel Guide: Things to Do and See & Avoid in Bangkok, Thailand

Bangkok is one of the top tourist destinations in the world which is known for its exciting life, nightlife, entertainment, art and culture.

International Center for Health Care and Transportation, Bangkok is also a regional center for business and finance. Regional headquarters of many MNCs are located here. This is the result of a lot of investment that was done here during the 80s and 90s. MasterCard’s Global Destination Cities Index is known for being the most visited city in Bangkok, and Travel and Leisure magazine has rewarded Bangkok for “the best city of the world” for four consecutive years.

Bangkok has three seasons, summer, rains and winter, rainy season from May to September and there is cold for about five months from October to February.

Millions of international and domestic tourists visit Bangkok every year. This city is the center of attraction of tourists and visitors of all types. Among the many historical and cultural tourist attractions in Bangkok are Grand Royal Places and charming Buddhist temples. Museums like the Bangkok National Museum and the Royal Badge National Museum are mainly places to roam in Bangkok. While enjoying your trip to Bangkok, you will also find the city’s traditional architecture. The malls, shopping centers and markets can also attract you in Bangkok.

You can use the Rapid Transport System, Taxi or Tuk tuk to transport the city. There are two international airports in the city which connect Bangkok with the world.

Every tourist visiting Bangkok will definitely say, that in his life he would want to come back to Bangkok again. This city surprises you every time in a new way. You can make all kinds of purchases in all types of budget sizes here. From a fancy five-star luxury to a small boutique hotel, no matter how big or small your budget is, you can enjoy a memorable holiday here.

And if you are afraid of tanning of the skin then you can go to enjoy the waves of cool ocean during sunset. Many people say that Bangkok is known for its superb party places. Cheap flights to Bangkok are available by many airlines for Bangkok. Being so popular, tourist destination like Bangkok is one of the top airlines of all airlines.

Thailand’s capital is one of the well-known tourist cities of Southeast Asia. So let’s know, about these interesting places in Bangkok. Do not forget to include them in your itinerary.

How to Reach

You can use the Rapid Transport System, Taxi or Tukkuk to transport the city. There are two international airports in the city which connect Bangkok with the world.

By Air

Bangkok is well connected by air to the rest of the world and there are two airports in the city. The Suvarnabhumi Airport is located 25 kilometres east of Bangkok and the Don Mueang Airport located 24 kilometres to the north. Most international and domestic airlines operate at the Suvarnabhumi Airport, which is linked to the city by buses, taxis, and Airport Rail Link, a high-speed train service into downtown Bangkok.

By Road

Buses to and from other parts of Thailand including Pattaya, Krabi, Phuket and Ko Samui and also to neighbouring countries operate in Bangkok. There are three major bus terminals in Bangkok; the Northern Bus Terminal, also known as Mo Chit, the Eastern Bus Terminal, also known as Ekkamai and the Southern Bus Terminal, also known as Sai Tai. Book your bus tickets directly at one of the three public bus terminals and avoid travel agents and private buses, which are not the most reliable.

By Train

Bangkok is well connected by rail to the rest of Thailand and to neighbouring countries like Malaysia, Cambodia and Laos. The main railway station of Bangkok is the Hua Lamphong Railway Station where trains from neighbouring countries and other parts of Thailand operate. The Thornburi Train Station (formerly known as Bangkok Noi Station) serves for local or nearby travel.

Lumphini Park

Lumphini Park is a 360 rai park in Bangkok, Thailand. The park offers rare open public space, trees, and playgrounds in the Thai capital and contains an artificial lake where visitors can rent boats. Wikipedia

Royal City of Bangkok

This is the area where Bangkok’s most prominent sightings (temples) and palaces are. For this reason, this area is considered very important in both spiritual and historical perspectives.There are many ways to go to the royal palace of Bangkok, but the best route is on the banks of Chao Phraya River. Actually this is the royal path. There is a special route in the south of the river which is reserved for the king only, which is called as Rajaworad. If you come into this area early in the morning, you will see a crowd of special types of small boats here.

There are many ways to go to the royal palace of Bangkok, but the best route is on the banks of Chao Phraya River. Actually this is the royal path. There is a special route in the south of the river which is reserved for the king only, which is called as Rajaworad. If you come into this area early in the morning, you will see a crowd of special types of small boats here. These are all King’s boats, from which you will be seen carrying luggage. If you come from the river, you will see the northern entrance to the royal palace. There is a ticket to go in from here. There is also a museum near the ticket house. It is known as the Coin Museum. This museum has a collection of coins and currency ranging from the ancient times of Thailand. Apart from this, there is also a special collection of majestic medals and decor items.

The Grand Palace

Centrally located in the heart of Bangkok, The Grand Palace is a huge complex with many wonderful architectural structures and is the main center of tourist attraction in Bangkok. After 1782, this Palace became the official residence of the kings of Siam. It is one of the sacred sites of Bangkok and is a symbol of excellent craftsmanship and creativity.

Bangkok Nightlife

Nightlife in Bangkok has evolved over the years, with the emphasis now firmly on swanky rooftop bars, lively nightclubs and hip cocktail bars. The Thai capital now has so much more to offer than just the adult-themed fun of Patpong, Nana and Soi Cowboy. Any discussion of nightlife …

Located on the banks of the Chao Phraya River, The Grand Palace is open daily between 8.30 am and 3.30 pm for tourists. While walking the castle, keep in mind that you should wear full-sided clothing. You can take the clothes to cover the body with a booth near the entrance. If you are planning to travel to Bangkok, do not forget to visit this palace.

Wat Arun

There are more than 30,000 temples or watts in Thailand, and some of these very scenic watts are in Bangkok. Wat, called Sun Temple, is one of the most famous places of Arun and is located on the Thonbury coast of Chao Phraya River. When the first ray of the day collides with the clean and clean water of Chao Phraya River, then the view of Arun is pleased by the colorful decorated peaks. The place to relax the eyes is at the top of Bangkok’s tourist list.

It is very easy to walk in this glorious spot standing in front of The Grand Palace. You can take a boat from Wahan Tuxin to reach the bank of the river and sit in a small shuttle from there, which takes you to the Sunrise Temple. Wat Arun is open for visitors from 8.30 am to 5.30 pm daily.

Wat Pho

Wat Pho is also called the Temple of Reclineing Buddha, and it is one of the largest temple complexes in the city. The image of the 46-meter-long Buddha is the center of attraction for every visitor coming to Bangkok. Interestingly, Wat Pho is also known as the most prestigious school of Thai Massage in the country.

Do not forget to see the four temples inside the 400 gold-clad Buddhist statues complex. Colorful tiles, ceramic flowers and Chinese sculptures make the scene beautiful and attractive here. The doors of the temple are open from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Traditional Thai Massage also takes place until 6:00 PM.

Siam Ocean World

Siam Ocean World is an Aquatic Wonderland and entertains the whole family, with two sizes of three Olympic swimming pools and two floors below the Siam Paragon Shopping Mall. There are also many other activities including feeding penguins for children, rainforest zone feeding, dive underwater talk.

Enjoying your trip with state-of-the-art technology, watching movies in Thailand’s first 4D movie theater. The Siam Ocean World is open daily from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. every night.

Chatuchak Market

From markets and night markets to shopping malls and floating markets, Bangkok offers the most attractive shopping experience in the world. The Chatukhek Market is the largest market in South East Asia and has more than 8000 stalls!

If you want to buy clothes, accessories, leather goods, ornaments, plants or rare and attractive animals, then you will get a lot of variety at the appropriate price in the Tituuk market. This market is open only on Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Siam Paragon and MBK

From the high street fashion to the modern high-tech gadgets, from sports cars to the best decorative objects of the house, this luxurious megamall of Bangkok is very tempting to all those shopping enthusiasts. All the best international brands are present in this mall, the largest aquarium in South East Asia, 16-screen cineplex and a wide range of world cuisines are also present.

MBK is a boon for buyers and gets the right goods at the right price here. This includes electrical equipment, high street fashion, ornament etc. There’s “Fight Night” on Wednesday night and hundreds of people gather here to watch the weekly Mou Thai Kick Boxing.

Siam Niramit

Siam Niramad is one of the world’s largest stage productions and is known for family fun. This show reflects Thailand’s spiritual and historical heritage and is listed on the Guinness Book of World Records for the performance of more than 100 artists! Siam, an exquisite showcase of splendid performance and pure Thai food, offers complete enjoyment and entertainment. This show is divided into various types of act, in which various topics like karma, religious rituals etc. are included. The trip to Bangkok is incomplete without seeing Siam Niramat.

Sirocco Rooftop Restaurant in Lebua Hotel (Sky Bar)

Eating dinner at the Seabro Rooftop restaurant of Lebua Hotel is indeed a unique and wonderful experience. Located on the 63rd floor of the hotel, Siroco is the world’s tallest restaurant and one of the most prestigious dining options in Bangkok. Enjoy spectacular views of the city of Bangkok and the charming Chao Phraya River as well as the glorious evening of El Fresco Dining. Enjoy some of the other delicious favorites including Atlantic Hack Fish, special Petrochemical Caviar and Wild Chanternel and COD Fish.

Scams in Bangkok

  1. “The Grand Palace is Closed Today” Scam
    How to recognize it: While it is very normal for people to help you when you do need help, it is very suspicious when someone offers you help when you don’t need it. A friendly unknown Thai guy speaking English a little too well, especially near a tourist area is usually a pro. He often carries a map and an umbrella because it’s hot for him to be out there all day long.
  2. The Tuk Tuk Scam
    How to recognize it: Avoid Tuk Tuks parked near malls and hotels or decline any stop on the way to your destination.
  3. The Patpong Scam Read
    How to Recognize it: Any guy approaching you with a naughty menu is suspicious… all the bars at ground level in Patpong have fixed prices for drinks, while any located above is probably a scam… if you are invited to ‘go upstairs’ just pretend you just changed your mind and suddenly feel like having an ice cream instead.
  4. The Taxis Parked in Front of Your Hotel Scam
    How to avoid it: As you now know how to identify these taxis, just flag one passing by in the street.
  5. The Khlong Scam
    How to Avoid it: Once again, use your common sense. Don’t trust strangers approaching you in the middle of nowhere with too good intentions. Just smile and decline. If you want to explore the klongs by boat, book from a tour agent or at the piers. (note that smiley guys might try to approach you at the pier as well, just buy your own ticket at the counter) via bangkok

Without leaving these places, do not leave Bangkok. Make your own travel schedule and enjoy Bangkok. After visiting these places, check out our Bangkok Travel Guide to learn more about Bangkok’s popular attractions.

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