Planning a Trip to Europe: Essential things to know

It is said that the world should look at the heart, because when you see an ancient building, path etc. or you pass it, then you get the mark of old life. When it comes to foreign affairs, the people of India are most likely to go to Europe. Because with the ancient culture and civilization, the glory of modernity is also seen everywhere. Europe, Switzerland, Italy, France, Germany and Holland, etc., especially in Europe, Europe is particularly liked by Tourists. If you are going on a trip to Europe then it is important to take care of certain things. It is better to know some things beforehand. For example, where to look, which means to take a ride, how much the expenditure will come and what according to the laws and customs there and what to do.

How and When to Go

There are regular flights to many foreign airlines for European countries. The time between April to October is better for European countries, but the months of August and September are the best. There is no shortage of sights in Europe. So look for places nearby and away from here in the near future. If you want to save the cost, join a group. Although hostels and private cottages are also available there. Since London is a very expensive city, so give priority to special places. Before going to Italy, decide whether to see New Italy first or old.

Different way to do some sightseeing

To get to London, Big Bus Company, London Site Seeing, Discover London, Frog, London Bicycle Tour, Royal London Tour, River Cruise etc. are good and cheap tools. Simple and superfast trains can be enjoyed in Switzerland. There is also a good facility for taxi, bus and tram.

What to do

Find out the weather wherever you want to go, pack it up and keep it in mind. Find out that there is no special disease in the countries or countries you are traveling on, if so, then take measures. Arrive at the airport three hours before the international flight. Always keep passports with you.

what not to do

Do not give more than 10 percent Tip of your bill in Italy. In Spanish, make the tip in the round figure of the bill. Greece can give a tip up to 40 euros. Do not leave the tip on the table in Hungary. Tell the waiter to join the bill as much as you want to give. In France your service charge is added to your bill. So there is no need to give a tip. Join hands for meeting for the first time in Britain and Morocco. Not much smile in France. It is considered foolish there. Do not drink alcohol when you go for food. Do not hang fingers while eating food in Portugal. Avoid chewing chewing gum in Switzerland, otherwise there may be a penalty. People of Rome are extremely skilled, so if they go there behave the same way.

Language question

English will work in London. Switzerland is a very cold country. Take the warm clothes together here. All instructions here are found in both English and Swiss languages. There may be problems with language in Italy. So get help from the guide. In Paris, there may be problems understanding the language. So get help from the guide.

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