San Francisco Travel Guide: Sea, bay, hilltops, Things to do, Sightseeing & Activities

The important and beautiful city of California state of America, San Francisco is also called the City of the Gulf. Located on the western coast of the Pacific Ocean, this city has a creek in both north and east directions. Thus it is similar to a peninsula. Despite being settled on the hills, it is among the largest population density cities in America.

Settle down on 50 hills

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San Francisco City, which is typical for its high mountains, is situated on about 50 hills. Names of many sites are named after the hills such as Nob Hill, Telegraph Hill, etc. The beauty of Russian Hill is the most memorable. It is a sun-shade town. Due to the warm water of the sea and the plains of the plains, from west to evening in the western coastal areas, the fog is shadowy throughout the year. Here the cloud becomes clouded in different places. The sunset here in summer is about eight in the evening. At this time, passing through the car on the road, somewhere on the different hills and planking, the sun shines a beautiful game of shade over the mind. It is here that dry and jade rains from November to March. The weather keeps moisture throughout the year. Due to being surrounded by water in all three directions, the heat and cold air move in the heat too. Warm clothes are required on exit from home all year long, but there is no snow at all in the thickness.

Gold rush

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Between 1848 and 1865, the City of San Francisco saw a rapid advancement during the California Gold Rush. The news of the discovery of gold on the coast of California spread rapidly and thousands of people started settling here. Hundreds of foreign ships started gathering in the creek and San Francisco became a major center for trade and commerce. At the same time, the world famous Golden Gate was built at the northern end of San Francisco Bay.

Tourists visiting San Francisco first visit the Golden Gate Bridge located here. During our stay here, we also made this our first place to visit and many times have passed here. The Golden Gate Bridge connects the northern end of San Francisco to Marin County. This huge and beautiful bridge is a swinging bridge that starts with the Golden Gate located at the mouth of the creek.Built between 1933 and 1937, this bridge is the second longest bridging bridge in America. Thousands of tourists from abroad enjoy walking through the deep sea and strolling on it. This massive and grand bridge of bright orange colors (called International Orange in English) is counted by many people in the modern world wonders. Another bridge built on the creek in 1936 – San Francisco- Oakland Bay Bridge. At night, the illuminated bay bridge is built on the bridges.

Golden Gate Park

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Golden Gate Park is a large park located in the urban area. The floral conservation center in it is in the oldest centers of the world, with its beautiful buildings visible. This center is now closed. There is also an old wind mill here. There are three waterfalls in the open courtyard in the park, which have music in the middle of the night, where music programs are organized. This has been established by the California Academy of Science and the Young Museum. The Japanese tea plantation located in the park is also the center of attraction of the audience. There is a Botanical Garden, a Boat Club and Artificial Lake Sto Lake, which has an electric artificial waterfall.

China town

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The well-known Berkeley University in the city is an ideal center for higher education of students around the world. There are so many malls and shopping centers, but the shops and malls of Market Street in the western part of San Francisco attract you for a special shopping. When you are tired of shopping, you can relax by sitting in a large park near Union Square, there are also a large number of Indian restaurants. Here is another attraction of the city – China Town, which was built by the Chinese laborers engaged in the construction of the railway route.

In China Town, artificial dragon-made gates and Chinese art and culture items are famous. In this journey, the Indian Art Museum in the Asian Art Museum saw the materials of art that we are in our own country. The San Francisco City Hall building in front is a fine example of Victorian architecture. Sitting on the open deck of San Francisco’s double-decker bus in front, took an attractive look at all these areas and together enjoyed the fun of the journey.

The unique model of modern architecture

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During the Golden Rush, for the convenience of city business, huge ghats and ports were built on the banks of the creek, called Fairy Building or Peer. Peer forest has been made attractive by making reconstruction. Here is a fresh fruit market in many modern restaurants, shops and ferry plaza. The beautiful building of Peer Three is an unspoilt specimen of ancient and modern architecture.

The most important thing in the creek is the lively peer Thirty Nine, where there are some things of interest to every one and there is an atmosphere of celebration at all times. It is also known as Fisherman’s Wharf or Fisherman’s Wharf. There are over 100 shops and restaurants here. On the way, entertaining the tourists by playing the songs, singing, playing piano or flute, playing in the empty spots. You can enjoy walking around the sea while strolling in the three hundred feet long transparent tunnel in the aquarium located in Peer Thirty Nine. Here you can see not only sharks, star fish, jelly fish etc. but also touch them. Apart from this, many large lions can be seen lying on wooden planks in the sea water during the evening and screaming, which goes on in the water during the day.

Fun of Sunset Cruise.

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Celebrating the party, Cruise has a different fun here. We enjoyed the three-hour sunset cruise here, which included dinner with evening breakfast. Sitting outside the air-conditioned motor boat, the ocean scene was beautiful and unpopular and the joy of watching the sunset on the deck above and also wonderful There was also a musical party for our entertainment.

Attractions of the city of San Francisco, located on the western coast of America, are spacious and Barbus pulls you on the assertiveness of its natural image. It is prominent in many beautiful islands located nearby – Alcatraz Island, on which the ancient fort built on has doubled its charm. Millions of people who visit every year in San Francisco go to the island to visit. Built between 1939-40 in the middle of the creek, Treasure Island is an artificial island that was made from garbage and junk materials derived during the construction of the Bay Bridge. Apart from this, the hobby lovers also visit Almeida Island, Angel Island, Redrock Island etc. to roam and enjoy a sea tour.

San Francisco is unique in the plurality and variety of sights. In addition to Half Moon Bay, Monterrey Bay, Wine County Napa, Myrock Woods, Earthquake Trial, Point Ridge Light House are attractive picnics spots to woo the lovers and spend the whole day. As far as traffic and transport is concerned, San Francisco is unique in this case. Sam Train or Mini Bus is a regular bus service.Along with Muni Bus and Muni Metro, MunisPulti runs. Large and beautiful double-decker bus runs in some areas. It is fun to roam on an ancient ride like a cabin car. The fastest double-decker train is called Kail Train, but the joy in the journey is unlimited. San Francisco is the city of dreams for the scenic park of the creek and excursions on the mountains, huge buildings, dense forests, seafront, excursions to the islands, and shopping together.

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