What is Meta-Search Engine? How do travel(Hotel) Meta-Search Engines Work?

Travel Meta-search engine(ex Kayak) aggregates and displays the fares from OTAs like Expedia, Orbitz. They do not pursue the actual booking part. When you select a particular fare for a particular flight you will be directed to the OTA from which the fare was displayed to do the actual booking. As far as business model of meta search engine is concerned, it earns distribution revenues from travel agencies for each completed transaction referred through the search engine. It also earns through ad revenues using ad placements for travel agencies through CPC(cost per click) or CPI(cost per impression) model.

A meta search basically “searches the search engines”. (In Enterprise Search, this is known as “federated” search.) It fields out your query to multiple other search engines and then combines the results. Meta-search is quickly becoming a focal point for travellers booking online. Hotel meta search engines are engines that compare prices of hotels from multiple websites and present the best or cheapest rates to the users. It has the ability to affect hotels and create competition for online travel agents. These engines reduce the trouble of manually checking each website and finding the cheapest rate on hotels.

The advantage is that you might get more results on your search. However, combining the results in a sensible way is actually very hard.

Hotel Meta Search Engine compare prices of hotels from multiple websites and present the best or cheapest Rates for consumers. With hotel meta search you can reduce the trouble of manually checking each website for finding the cheapest prices on hotel.

How they work?

Hotel meta search engines have strategic alliances with key channels. This allows them to adopt semantic search and ensure near-accurate customised price comparisons based on user preferences in an easy-on-the-eye display.

Meta Search engine advantages

benefits are very obvious; users save time and money by paying the lowest available price without searching all sources one by one.

  • You can search several search engines at one time.
  • Visitors can compare and book flights, hotels, etc.
  • Search across a number of engines using a single interface
  • Ranking according to subject
  • can save time searching
  • More of the web searched
  • Duplicates removed

Meta Search engine disadvantages

  • You may retrieve inappropriate websites depending on how each
  • individual search engine interprets the search.
  • Difficult to limit searches
  • search engine coverage

So the best option I would like to suggest you is to go with white label internet booking engine providers many of the famous hotel comparison website offers an option of white label .

  • White label is easily available and can easily integrated
  • You can earn good amount of money as it mostly has CPC payout for every exit click
  • You can get good amount of traffic on your website as data provided is genuine

The future –
The hotel meta search engines will have to think of other strategies if they want to survive in the market as getting cheapest price is no longer what the customers are only looking for. Value provided is the key factor.

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